Felonious the Mage v1.5

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 02
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Good

Note: This version of Felonious is a variant that was available via the mobile BossFightShop app. This updated version has a black robe and new hairpiece. The mobile app exclusive also came with "early bird" samples of different potion bottles and a mage flame (outlined below).

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
A good natured trickster whose smiling face and quick wit belies the unbelievable power he wields. Felonious travels the land with his outwardly normal looking rodent companion Draoi. Felonious offers to cast love spells, heal injuries and tell the fortunes of locals for the price of a mug of ale and a bed for the night. His simple tricks and household remedies disguise the fact that he has the ability to control tremendous forces. Felonious has had no training in the magical arts, but his natural talents more than make up for it. Most magicians are aloof and uncaring and refuse to use their magic to help others or solve everyday problems. Felonious is different; he'll help if the need is genuine and the heart of the petitioner is pure.

Temporal Log:
Our discussions with Felonious have been long winded and interesting. Eager to talk while food and alcohol are on offer, he has explained the ins and outs of magic to the crew. A magical surge in the distant past has allowed those with particular affinities, a sixth sense and a certain level of intelligence, to rewrite the laws of physics to suit their ends. Through training or natural intuition a user can manipulate 'magic' in a variety of ways and cause an infinite variety of strange, unnatural phenomena.


Felonious the Mage comes with the following:

Note:The initial release of Felonious the Mage was exclusive to the BossFightShop Mobile App and included additional potion bottles and a mage flame.

Note (2): The head for Felonious the Mage v1.5 is the same head as Felonious the Mage with different hair that would later be released as an alternate head for Vandar.

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