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Assortment: Series 02 - Exclusive (Roma)
Species: Enchanted
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Note: Gazoge was a shared retailer exclusive with [Roma Collectibles] and [Boss Fight Shop], with half of their 1,000 minimum order quantity being released in Red while the other half was released in Blue.

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Gazoge is a self-taught warlock, having learned blood magic upon being exiled from his homeland to the east. He killed his prospective father-in-law when denied the hand of his beloved and fled in disgrace. In his lonely wanderings, he became deeply embittered. Transfixed by tales of powerful mages, he made an oath to become the strongest magic user that had ever lived and take back what he had lost. Contrary to popular belief, magical talent isn't always hereditary, the strongest willed can learn to master it. In time, word of his talents reached the ears of the previous King of Accordd, and Gazoge was invited to that realm to become the king's personal mage. What the king couldn't know and never suspected was that Gazoge's powers were founded on murder; regular human sacrifices to Alor, the Red God, were required to maintain his gifts. His counsel was instrumental in the Knights traveling to the Blasted Lands. Gazoge knew that only the artifacts hidden there could bring him the supreme power he secretly craved. When he disappeared alongside the other knights, evidence of the innumerable heinous crimes committed for Alor's blessings were unearthed. Almost immediately, Gazoge became a folk monster to common people of Accord with his name used to scare children into behaving or else they too would join the ranks of his victims. Sightings of his avatars are reported in Accord to this day.

Temporal Log:
Remember to be scared, remember to take fright, Gazoge stalks his prey at night. He'll take your bones, and remove your hands, drag you shrieking to the Blasted Lands. Although his many faces often change, his lust for blood remains the same. Come home quick, come home soon, for he only hunts by the light of the moon. (Translated from Accord children's rhyme)

Note: There are several references to other Vitruvian HACKS figures within this bio, including Blasted Land Orcs, Knights of Asperity and the King of Accord.


Gazoge comes with the following:

Note (1): This figure comes with a Torso Pin Adapter which assists in connecting nude torsos with updated legs. According to Boss Fight Studio, as parts are being retooled, there are some minor differences in sizing and the Torso Pin Adapter will help retain the level of customizability.

Note (2): This figure came packaged with a Male Hand on his right arm and a Knight Hand on his left arm, but includes a pair of each hand for mixing and matching.

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