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Shortly after they completed shipping their initial Kickstarter shipments, Boss Fight Studio appeared at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida with a "Gashopon" machine, allowing customers to insert cash and retrieve randomized plastic capsules of accessories, including some items that didn't make it to production. The reaction was so positive, that Boss Fight Studio began offering Customizer Grab Bags on where online customers could also partake in the same thrill. Grab Bags offered a slightly larger number of accessories and were initially priced at $7.99.

Due to the nature of the items included in the Grab Bags, there's no way to itemize every single thing, but we will endeavor to feature some of the high points, and focus on unproduced items that were only available via Customizer Grab Bags.

Some examples of Grab Bag offerings can be seen below. There's a mixture of released items, unproduced items, and released items in different colors.