Cryo Zombie

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Assortment: Series Z - Retail Exclusive (Big Bad Toy Store)
Species: Zombie
Allegiance: Zombie Horde


Courtesy of

Brains, Brains, BRAINS!!!!! This limited run, BBTS Shared Exclusive cryo-zombie is filled with fun!

In an effort to study the undead, many laboratories around the world froze specimens in order to experiment on them safely. They all found out this was not a solid plan as freezing the undead has little, if any, effect on them. They would simply rise back up, consumed by their thirst for flesh and continue on their rampage. Now permanently in a frozen state, even in temperate climates, these Cryo-Zombies wander the streets living frozen footprints in their wake.

The Cryo-Zombie comes with an interchangeable head, abdomen entrails, hands, display stand, sledge hammer, and crowbar for maximum mayhem. All packed in a cryogenic display box.

Action Figure


The Cryo Zombie comes with the following:

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