Dragon Acolyte

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Assortment: Vitruvian BASICS - Wave 02
Species: Enchanted
Allegiance: Lawful Evil

Action Figure

Note: The Vitruvian BASICS series from Boss Fight Studio is a lower price point series of figures in a traditional blister card instead of the larger slipcase style card. These figures come with fewer detailed paint applications and accessories for a more custom and army builder friendly price.

Character Bio

Acolytes of Lord Vehemous, these Dragon Acolytes have drunk the blood of the beast they worship and have become something more... and less... than human. Able to tolerate great pain, they will follow any order uttered by their leader even if death is the reward.


Note: The two male Vitruvian HACKS Basics figures (the Dragon Acolyte and Elven Swordsman) come with a Torso Pin Adapter which assists in connecting nude torsos with updated legs. According to Boss Fight Studio, as parts are being retooled, there are some minor differences in sizing and the Torso Pin Adapter will help retain the level of customizability.

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