Magenta Ladies

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Assortment: Series Z - Wave 02
Species: Zombie
Allegiance: Zombie Horde

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Casualties among those who promised to protect and serve were high. In the early days of the outbreak, calls to respond to 'domestic disturbances' and 'street fights' peaked. Not knowing what these calls truly represented, oftentimes police officers found themselves at the scene of a zombie attack. Without backup, which was likely engaged elsewhere responding to similar incidents, more and more police were bitten. Sometimes these men and women, not knowing that the scratches they had picked up on duty were infected, would go back to their daily lives, put in their patrol shifts and finally, weeks afterwards, go berserk in the precinct. It is not uncommon to find these police zombies stumbling around, armed to the teeth with weapons they have forgotten how to maintain and fire, mindlessly walking their old patrol routes in search of victims.

War Diary:
With police falling on a daily basis, it was not long before martial law was declared even in stable western democracies. Soldiers went into the streets with very little information as to what they were facing and paid a heavy price. Losses were incalculable until a breaking point was reached. Many armies mutinied. Millions of troops deserted in order to return to their homes and protect their loved ones. Coup d'etats, successful and otherwise, happened on every continent further adding to the sense of chaos.


Magenta Ladies comes with the following:

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