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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 04
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Action Figure


Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
If hiring a band of Orcs for a job appears suicidal, there is also the option of paying a band of human adventurers for their services. Exiled from their lands in the frozen wastes, this tribe, the Stormvaktere were forced from their homeland of Oyastorm when Lord Vehemous raised Grandusdrage from his slumber. Vehemous was neither able to control the beast nor force it back into its eons long sleep. The mighty dragon laid waste to the country and remains there still, ever watchful for those who would encroach on his territory. The Barbarians, called such by those who do not care for their ways, have integrated a variety of cultures from different peoples into their beliefs, making them excellent at seeing another's side in a disagreement and negotiating an outcome to the benefit of all involved. They are also superior brawlers with a flair for grappling techniques. Due to their past history with the Dragon Cult and their war priest, Stormvaktere immediately attempt to kill any member they encounter.

Temporal Log:
The tribe will accept gold as payment, but it is never spent on frivolities or on entertainment. Instead, all monies are pooled and used for the good of the community and its continued survival. They are protective of their people, and anyone who hires them can be sure that they will be well looked after. Once a Barbarian gives you his word, he is bonded to you until the task is complete, he's dead, or you are.


Vandar comes with the following:

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