Alex Nikolaidis

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Assortment: Series Z - Wave 02
Species: Human
Allegiance: Human

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
As a professor responsible for the running of the National Museum of Antiquities in Athens, Greece, Alex never expected to have to use the exhibits to save his own life. When a member of the public turned and ate a security guard while Alex was experiencing an otherwise thrilling afternoon of cataloging, he smashed open one of the exhibit cases, snatched up a replica xiphos sword, and beheaded the zombie. Normally a shy, retiring man, Alex became notorious in Greece for his actions. Arrested for murder, he was put on trial until the prosecution case collapsed when the Judge turned during a cross-examination. As terror reigned in the courtroom, Alex acted; taking exhibit A in hand, the sword he had already used to dispatch one monster, he saved the lives of everyone in the courthouse.

War Diary:
The largest confrontation between humans and zombies in Greece happened in Athens. Over one thousand zombies were lured onto the grounds of the Acropolis and sent hurtling off the summit. The humans, using wooden shields and spears, pressed the beasts, hemming them in of all sides and left them only one escape route; over a five hundred foot drop. This action destroyed the majority of the creatures in the city. Over the following week, the remainder were hunted down and decapitated. The recently released from prison Alex Nikolaidis was instrumental in planning the successful attack.


Alex Nikolaidis comes with the following:

Note: The Zombie Carcass can be attached to the Series Z Stand to create a mini-diorama stand for the Series Z figures.


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