Brittanee Bytes

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Assortment: Series Z - Wave 01
Species: Zombie
Allegiance: Zombie Horde

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Why do zombies crave living flesh? And where does the preference for human meat come from? A zombie will devour any animal it can get its hands on: rats, stray dogs, birds. One meat beats all however: a zombie will stop mid bite if feasting on other species in order to chase after a human. Often their victim can escape with some scratches or chunks missing, these wounds fester and the victim becomes a carrier, destined to eventually turn. The brain seems to hold some sort of allure for the zombie and it prefers to feast on that organ first once it has made a kill. The brain is soft and chewy; the fluids surrounding it give it a tangy kick and piquancy. In short, to a zombie, the brain is the ultimate snack food.

War Diary:
The rate that which carriers of the plague convert into a mindless zombie berserker differs from person to person. A scratch that misses an artery will generally turn someone in approximately three to six months. After the initial flu like symptoms pass, a carrier can live a normal life for weeks. In the second month they begin to lose their sense of touch and smell as their nerves slowly undergo necrosis. Strangely, their sense of taste remains long into the change. Towards the end of the third month, the sensation of pain vanishes, allowing the infected to undertake feats of endurance that would kill a normal person. Finally, like a switch flipping, their adrenaline system is supercharged; the carrier then becomes the traditional zombie from popular culture. Some semblance of intelligence remains, even in the latter part of the change. Once the disease has taken full control in month six, they become mindless animals, seeking only to satisfy their ravenous hunger. Cases of the infected turning in an instant are becoming more common as the virus mutates. It is theorised that during times of extreme stress, when the ‘fight or flight’ response takes over, the disease reacts accordingly and causes an instant change.

Note: While this bio reads more as a generic zombie bio, you can get more insight into Brittanee Bytes in the short story Last Flight to LAX available on [].


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