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In fall, 2017 Boss Fight Studio expanded their offerings into a series of "blind bag" Mini-Kits, a low price point character-driven set of unique accessories designed to build upon their Blanks figures to allow customizers to develop new and interesting creations.

With some crossover with upcoming themes like Pirates and Retro Science-Fiction, these Mini-Kits are not designed to work with any one particular timeline, but be a fun way to evolve your own creations. They are sold in the "blind bag" format singly, or folks concerned with completing the collection, can buy a complete assortment box, which includes all colors and parts.

[Mini-Kit Blind Bag on]

[Mini-Kit Assortment Box on]

Mini-Kit Assortment Box (Series 01)

Mini-Kit Assortment Box (Series 02)

Mini-Kit Individual Blind Bags (Series 01)

Mini-Kit Individual Blind Boxes (Series 02)

Mini-Kit Checklist (Series 01)

Mini-Kit Checklist (Series 02)