Hannah and Alice

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Assortment: Series Z - Wave 02
Species: Human
Allegiance: Human

Action Figure

Note: According to Boss Fight Studio writer Paddy Lennon, the figure with the purple hair is Alice, the figure with the short hair is Hannah.

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Ryesdale Academy and Finishing School, located on the outskirts of Hong Kong, was founded in the nineteenth century to cater to the children of British ex-pats. As the finest school in the region, it carefully cultivated a reputation for both academic excellence and sporting prowess. The daughters of CEOs, politicians, and entertainers all attended Ryesdale and great things were expected of each child. In its final years of operation, Hannah and Alice were undoubtedly its finest students. Pitted against each other by their fiercely competitive parents, these young ladies were ‘encouraged’ to become world-class athletes with designs on the Olympics. If Hannah won an Asian fencing championship, Alice had to better her by becoming a world archery gold medallist. In retaliation, Hannah competed in Judo. Then Alice studied Karate...finally their competition ended when a swarm of infected attacked Ryesdale. Forced to put their rivalry aside in the name of survival, they have now become friends, with a zombie body count that numbers in the hundreds.

War Diary:
Kwong Wah Hospital in Hong Kong was the initial source of the plague in that region. Paramedics brought in a person found in a distressed state on the nearby Reclamation Street. This person, who has never been identified, managed to bite a number of doctors and porters before being successfully restrained. In hours, they too had begun to turn. By morning, multiple zombies were roaming the streets of the metropolis and carnage ensued.


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