Zorro & Tornado

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Assortment: Hero H.A.C.K.S. - Zorro
Species: Human

Action Figure

Character Bio

A thief -- yet a man! If Don Diego had only half as much dash and courage! - Senorita Lolita Pulido

Returning to the pueblo of Los Angeles after years abroad, Don Diego De La Vega was appalled to see corruption and abuse of power had become commonplace. As a young man raised with a fierce belief in justice and the need to treat others with respect, he had not been home long before a plan took shape in his mind. He would become a beacon of hope for the mistreated and oppressed common folk of California.

Attired in the mask, Cordoba hat and night-black attire of Zorro, eschewing violence and killing in favor of calculated and precise movements to defeat his foes and humiliate his enemies. His acrobatic abilities allow him to secretly enter the haciendas of those who would harm the poor. The Robin Hood of California, he redistributes their ill-gotten gains to the less fortunate, signing his work with a 'Z' so that everyone knows the perpetrator.

To allay the suspicion of his nocturnal activities, Don Diego plays the part of a dandy, spending his time at parties, attired in the latest fashions from Spain and enchanting the wives and daughters of the rich landowners with his tales of Madrid.

Having learned fencing and equestrianism in Spain, Diego is a skilled rioder and combatant on horseback. His prized steed, Tornado, returned with Diego from Spain, and the pair make a formidable duo when on the run from authorities. Many times, Zorro has managed to escape by the skin of his teeth solely due to Tornado's fearlessness in leaping gorges and galloping forward when other horses would balk.


Zorro (with Tornado) comes with the following:




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