Zorro (Don Diego De La Vega)

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Assortment: Hero H.A.C.K.S. - Zorro
Species: Human

Action Figure

Character Bio

Thieves and enemies of the people cannot long escape my vengeance.

Don Diego is the son of California's largest land owner, Don Alejandro De La Vega and was sent to study in Spain as a young man. While residing in Madrid, he learned the art of La Verdadera Destreza and became an accomplished equestrian.

Called back home by his father, he found California to be much changed. Corruption was rife among government officials, military officers enforced tyrannical order and squeezed taxes and bribes from the peons.

Diego, angered by the suffering of the poor, donned a mask and black attire, becoming a champion of the oppressed. As Zorro, he uses his skills with a blade, acrobatic abilities and strategic mind to confound his foes.

In order to protect his ture identity, Diego plays the part of a cowardly fop when in public, refusing to wear a sword unless as a fashion accessory. He feigns to tremble at the very mention of the bandit's name when in polite company and declares his tiredness and boredom with life itself at every opportunity. He pretends to show no interest in the suffering of others, deflecting enquiries on the subject with a rapier sharp retort or witticism. By night, however, things are very different.


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