Antonia Avilles

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Assortment: Series Z - Wave 01
Species: Human
Allegiance: Human

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Picked on at school as she was small for her age, Antonia turned to martial arts as a means to improve her self-esteem and beat the bullies. She learned the "sweet science" of boxing at her father's gym in their home town of Arecibo, Puerto Rico and never looked back. After an amateur career that saw twenty wins with no losses, she was scouted by a promoter for her big break; an exhibition match in Las Vegas. An outbreak of the plague occurred mid bout, with almost a quarter of the audience turning into ghouls in round three. Antonia fought her way out of the arena, beating down cannibalistic terrors with her fists and leading dozens to safety. Every moment of her actions was caught on camera, leading to her becoming an instant celebrity and icon.

War Diary:
The event in Las Vegas was ne eye opener in terms of public perception of the crisis. One of the highest pay-per-view audiences every witnessed Antonia batter reams of the walking dead. As boxing fans worldwide watched the events unfold, and saw how powerless law enforcement was in dealing with the threat, panic took hold in many places.


Antonia Avilles comes with the following:

Note: The Zombie Carcass can be attached to the Series Z Stand to create a mini-diorama stand for the Series Z figures.


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