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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 06
Species: Human
Allegiance: Humanity or the Gorgon Horde? You decide!

Note: While this figure is technically part of Wave 6, certain products shipped out of order, and he was actually released alongside several Wave 07 figures.

Action Figure


Achilles comes with a spare right foot and bald head so he can either be the character or a trooper. I've included the single sandaled foot, bald head, and neck barbell as additional accessories.

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Achilles is many things: King of the Myrmidons, son of Peleus and Thetis, hero of the Trojan War, traitor. Dipped into the River Styx by his mother, Achilles' body was made invulnerable to attack except for his heel. He was pursued by the ever vigilant River Styx Guardians who never forgave Thetis for her transgression in making him nigh on invincible. To escape their wrath, Achilles lived among the Amazons for some time, becoming the lover of their Queen. The Gorgon sister Eurayle was eager to obtain his skills. Eurayle seduced and then enslaved him by stabbing Achilles' unprotected heel with her blades. The once proud warrior became a sycophantic Disciple of Eurayle. Due to his near invulnerability, Achilles never became a mindless drone. Instead he was a subservient follower. He took command of the Disciples, his unbeatable rage and tactical acumen still intact. Achilles would go on to lead many successful Gorgon campaigns.

Temporal Log:
Achilles' turn to the Gorgon side during the war is mostly unknown to history. The widespread rumors of his apparent death were encouraged by his fellow Myrmidons to hide the fact that he had led Eurayle's Disciples. Achilles and Eurayle's love for one another apparently gave birth to another mythical race that later emerged from the shadows of the time altered Dark Ages.


Achilles comes with the following:

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