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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 01
Species: Elf
Alignment: Neutral

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
All elves are trained warriors; most of them fight only in self-defense or to protect their kinfolk. The Elven army is officially split into two branches: Autumn and Spring. The Autumn branch are the minority, but as the offensive fighters are more commonly seen by outsiders. The Autumn branch proactively seek out and eliminate potential threats to their realm. Working on information relayed by their scouts, bands of Autumn Elves hunt down opposing warlords and thieves with extreme prejudice. Aiyana is leader of such a band, a talented archer and field commander; she rarely speaks except in relation to the task at hand. Her handpicked warriors have gained a fearsome reputation and even the smarter Orc leaders know to keep well away from them.

Temporal Log:
With the land in such turmoil, it seems difficult to see the difference between an offensive attack and a defensive action. The elves preach kindness and peace, but their actions do not always reflect this. The Autumn Elves are quick to attack and never take prisoners. Our crew has met many people of many races on this stop and have still not been able to determine who is on the side of right.


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