Athenian Warrior

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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 02
Species: Human
Allegiance: Humanity

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
The birthplace of democracy, Athen's army was comprised of its citizens. Those same fishermen, philosophers, farmers, merchants, and artisans that made up its population. Although not professional soldiers, like the Spartans, Athenian Warriors were highly trained in the art of Hoplite and Naval Warfare. Where the elite Spartan army held superiority on land, it was the Trireme Fleet of Athens that ruled the seas. Each ship was loaded with troops ready to board enemy ships or mount coastal raids. They were fast, maneuverable, and capable of ramming with great force. The Athenian navy would defend from threats both above and below, with the invasion of the Gorgon Horde looming, Athens, Sparta, and the citizens of all Greek city-states must be prepared for battle and defend to the last.

Temporal Log:
The Greek citizens' loyalty and dedication to go to war in defense of their nation was unparalleled. Where they lacked the training and physical prowess of the Spartans, Athenian soldiers often displayed more creative solutions during difficult combat situations. How would the well-trained armies of the Greek city-states fare on the battle fields with the weapons of today, or even tomorrow?


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