Blasted Land Orc (Female)

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 03
Species: Orc
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
So far, these creatures are the only ones known to dwell on the borders of the Blasted Lands and have survived. Almost a thousand of them occupy a fortress known as Gorpauk Jauregia; the Palace of Corpses . From here, these ores send out war parties that have terrorized the land around for hundreds of miles, rendering the approach to the blasted lands almost as treacherous as the lands themselves. The Knights of Accord attempted to take the palace during their foray into the Blasted Lands a generation ago, they obviously didn't succeed and the approach to the castle is littered with their remains, though strangely, not ALL their remains.

Temporal Log
Who built the Palace of Corpses and to what end? It is massive, over twice the size of Castle Accord and the techniques used in its construction, such as unbuttressed domes and stained glass, are supposed to be unknown at this point in time.


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