Boss Fight Subscription Box 04 - April Fools (April, 2021)

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In late 2020, Boss Fight Studio announced that beginning in January, 2021 they would be offering monthly Subscription Boxes for sale [via their website]. These subscription boxes could be either purchased individually, as a three month set, or as a full six month "subscription" and each box would contain a specific themed set of accessories, figures and other swag. The themes are as follows:

  1. January - Try Something New
  2. February - Fantasy February
  3. March - It’s Always Sunny at Boss Fight Studio
  4. April - April Fools!
  5. May - Giddy Up!
  6. June - The Art of Boss Fight

Note: The April Subscription box features many references to an inside joke regarding the blue feet from River Styx Guardian. Followers of the online customizing class may have some insight into this, and I've got a nice bag of blue feet myself. Good stuff and a great morale booster after a pretty rough winter.  ;)

The Subscription Box

Included Items

Note: This subscription box features unique accessories from an upcoming assortment. Not all accessories are the same in every box.

Exclusive Items

Possible Variations

No Variations Currently Identified