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Recently, in the later part of 2018, various eBay auctions were spotted referencing a third party overseas company who was producing bootleg versions of the Boss Fight Studios Vitruvian HACKS "Blanks" figures.

WARNING: These figures are 100% BOOTLEG and not compatible with Vitruvian HACKS figures. Not only that, but they are more cheaply made, they don't hold together as well and the eBay auctions are generally more expensive. In fact, I struggle to see why anyone would buy these anyway, but it's important that consumers have all possible knowledge.

Supporting these bootlegs directly harms a very small company who is doing some great things in the action figure world. PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT THESE BOOTLEG FIGURES. Never mind the fact there could be a financial impact for Boss Fight Studios, but the figures themselves are junk anyway.

Boxed Figures

Note: The above boxes are generally how the bootleg blank figures will be sold. Each one comes with either a male or female blank, several additional heads, hands, a Boss Fight Studio stand (yes with the official logo) and a transparent battle stand with mount. They currently come in both flesh colored and gray colored.

Male Figure

Above you can see the contents of the Male figure. I've tried to include some close ups of some of the joints, which you can clearly tell are incompatible with straight retail versions of Vitruvian HACKS. The joints on the hands and feet especially are "mushroom" style pegs that do not fit the same way as standard HACKS parts do. The heads also are not a very secure fit. It should be noted that these HACKS bootlegs come with some other non-Boss Fight heads which are not authorized and not designed to be 100% compatible either.

Female Figure

Similar to the Male Blank, the female one comes with alternate heads, hands and feet, which have varied compatibility (mostly incompatibility) with standard HACKS figures. The feet aren't terrible, because they're holes instead of pegs, but the wrist joints are completely non-functional with both standard (and these bootleg) arms and the heads don't work all that well either.

Once again, I can't reiterate enough - these figures are BOOTLEGS and are not official. Not only are they not official, they are shoddy construction, not compatible at all, and clearly infringing on the intellectual property of Boss Fight Studios.