Coleop Terror

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 08
Species: Gorgon Horde
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
The burrowing terror. The shrieking fury. The living nightmare. Bred by the sorcerer Stheno, these creatures are the pinnacle of her plans to recreate the Gorgon Horde in this new era. In order to raise funds to rebuild her armies, Stheno hires out her creations. These assassins are used not just to eliminate a foe or remove an everyday nuisance. An attempt on your life by a Coleop is a sign that you have angered some very serious people with significant disposable income. Coleop Terrors specialize in messy inhumations with an emphasis on collateral damage. Targets don't just die; they are dismembered with their remains left in public as a warning. Any bodyguards of the victim either run away without attempting to intervene at the first sounds of their approach or suffer the same fate as their wards. Able to burrow through sold rock at a rate of two miles an hour, the only thing that separates the Coleop Terror from their intended victim is time.

Temporal Log:
They attacked before dawn. Coleop assassins breached the walls of Castle Accord and headed directly for Steelblades' quarters. His royal guard died within minutes, sliced apart by their fearsome blades. Steelblade was awake at the time, working with Leonidas and Stonefist on new tactics to use against the Orcs. With three ferocious assassins versus some of the greatest warriors in history, it was a battle for the ages. In the end the humans were victorious and Steelblade lived, but at the cost of a dozen butchered Knights of Accord and twenty slain castle guards.


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