Coral Snake Gorgon

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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 01
Species: Gorgon
Allegiance: Gorgon Horde

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
The once human Gorgon Horde was turned by Stheno's bite. Once altered by her venom, the all-female army's past lives become a haze as they become loyal to Stheno, even into the afterlife. Unlike the stone warriors, turned by her cursed eyes, the Gorgons can never be turned human again. The Coral Gorgon's bite is deadly poisonous. If victims don't succumb to their brutality, then they will to their bite, as the potent venom slowly stops their heart.

Temporal Log:
The Gorgon Horde's brutality was unchallenged by any army since their rampage in ancient Greece. The Coral Gorgons form the backbone and are, by far, the most numerous of the Gorgon Horde. If armed with tomorrow's weapons and technology, could anything stop them?


The Coral Snake Gorgon comes with the following:

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