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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 05
Species: Orc and Human
Allegiance: Lawful Good

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Darsalk, though fierce in appearance, is a gentle man, softly spoken and willing to help anyone who has a problem. In many ways he is more human than Orc. Despite his kindness, he's despised by most factions. He's too Orc-like for the Knights of Accord to be tolerated and too puny for the Orcs, who prize strength above all else. Lately he has allied with the barbarians and was accepted by them without question. He rescued the faerie Twylla from someone who was attempting to sell her as a magical bauble. Upon hearing of the usurping of the Faerie from their home from Twylla, he offered his services to their people. The Faeries gratefully accepted and he now uses his magic in their aid. Twylla is always by his side and acts as his protector in case anyone would take advantage of him.

Temporal Log:
Darsalk is genuine in his aim to help those in need and he'll willingly take on tasks that others would not in order to better the lives of those around him. Some try to take advantage of his sincerity, those who do have to deal with Twylla, and that's not a path I'd recommend you take. Darsalk has gained an understanding of time travel and can manipulate the energy that controls the Vitruvian craft itself, to the point of brewing a temporal potion that can be used as a fuel source.


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