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Assortment: Series 02 - Exclusive (Megolopolis)
Species: Elf
Alignment: Neutral

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
A member of the Elven Rangers, Darvold returned from his years of adventure in the lawless wilderness to find his home city of Summerhaven ablaze. In his absence, Alor, The Red God, had attacked and wiped it from the face of the Earth. The once beautiful city, home to hundreds of Elves and their intricately designed tree habitats simply ceased to be. Summerhaven was long renowned in song and story as the spiritual home of the Elves and a neutral place where anyone; Human, Elf or Faerie could meet and work out their differences in peace. Why the inhabitants became subject to Alor’s wrath is a matter of discussion to this day. What is for certain is that only a small fraction of the population survived unscathed. The distraught Darvold swore to rebuild Summerhaven, now known to its surviving population as the Ashen Forest and pledged to restore it to its former glories. He labours still with a small contingent of helpers, protecting the area from predatory Orcs who seek to loot its remaining treasures while sending messengers to other lands seeking their aid in the reconstruction.

Temporal Log:
It came with the dawn, a fearsome beast the size of a castle. Alor's breath burneth liketh the sun, killing all it touched. It ate some whole, swallowing adult and babe alike in search of repast. The valiant Elves tried in vain to protect Summerhaven, greatest of cities, their pride and joy. All who fought perished in the flames, only those who hid underground lived to tell the tale. The smoke cast a pallor over the land and now only ashe remains. Woe unto those of Summerhaven. (Extract from 'The Booke of Years')


Darvold comes with the following:

Note: This figure comes with a Torso Pin Adapter which assists in connecting nude torsos with updated legs. According to Boss Fight Studio, as parts are being retooled, there are some minor differences in sizing and the Torso Pin Adapter will help retain the level of customizability.

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