Eligor and Gomory

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 05
Species: Demon
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Charming, charismatic, warm, good conversationalists...demonic. These brothers have come to earth to proclaim the benefits of giving up your soul in return for resolutions to more pressing matters. Beings of pure energy, the prejudices of those whom they are surrounded by influence their manifested physical appearance. To those of a certain cultural background they might appear to be Tengu, others see them as Djinn. The brothers are polite without fail, straightforward in their business dealings and never, ever cheat a customer. If you add your name to their ever-present ledgers in return for a magic sword, help in a quest or to cure an ailing loved one, you will get exactly what you wanted...and so will they. Of the pair, Eligor is the more public relations oriented and is a born deal maker. Gomory keeps the books and handles the business end of their enterprise.

Temporal Log:
It is often said that "hell is other people". That saying is wrong. In reality it is a dimension separated from our own by the thinnest of curtains. There, the entities known as demons utilize the souls of sentient beings as a measure of wealth. Demons gain power from every soul they take with the purest souls conveying benefits beyond mortal imagining. For the brothers, it is worth almost any price a mortal can fathom in return for even the most tarnished soul. With the world beset by troubles, many are willing to surrender their most precious possession in return for material wealth and safety. Business for the twin demons is booming as they tour the villages and towns, leaving behind a trail of wealthy, satisfied, yet inevitably doomed, customers.


Eligor and Gomory come with the following:

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