Helios Warrior

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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 07
Species: Enchanted
Allegiance: Humanity

Note: While this figure is technically part of Wave 7, certain products shipped out of order, and he was actually released prior to several Wave 06 figures.

Action Figure


There's been some question as to how close the base figure for the Helios Warrior is to the standard Transparent Orange Blank. Please see the comparison image below (Helios Warrior on your left):

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
The Helios Warrior are composed entirely of mystic fire in the form of man. Created by the Titan Helios to protect the interests of the Gods from the Gorgon Horde, they appear only where Helios believes they are needed and vanish as soon as their goals are met. Helios speaks through them as they have no individual mind of their own and are simply aspects of the All Seeing Titan. Often paired with his sisters' Warriors of Eos, when you see them materialize, then you know that events have caught the concerns of the Titans themselves.

Temporal Log:
Wherever the fighting is thickest, they appear in a bolt of light, their swords carving through iron and steel in a glow of orange and red. Their breath is as hot as a furnace, burning everything it touches. Only the most courageous and foolhardy would dare to stand against them. Helios' aspects arrive, destroy and then vanish. The only evidence is the piles of smoldering Gorgon corpses left in their wake.


The Helios Warrior comes with the following:

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