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Count Neri of Oditerra


Assortment: Series 02 - Exclusive (Online Custom Class)
Species: Atlantean
Alignment: Neutral


In April and May of 2020, Boss Fight Studio announced they would be holding a special limited "Online Custom Class" using Zoom, with sessions occurring every Tuesday for four weeks between April 14th and May 5th. Each participant received four "mystery bags" which were only supposed to be opened in time for the custom class so the customizer could experience the surprise of seeing the mystery figure come together as they assembled and painted the figure.

Hosted mainly by Erich Ridlon from Boss Fight Studio (with a special guest appearance by Erik Arana in week 3), the Zoom class walked the customizer through different painting techniques and color applications, eventually completing with a final product.

The end result was Kaala-Mok, an established character in the Vitruvian HACKS mythology, however the customizer was free to tweak the design as much or as little as they wanted along the way.



Mystery Bag Contents

Note: There were three versions of Mystery Bag 4, labeled 4A, 4B, and 4C. The contents were the same (two bare arms from a Male Blank and the Crustacean Mini-Kit in its three colors, Red, Black, and White).

Finished Product

Depending on which base color bag 4 came in, the end result could appear different. Also, depending on customizer choice or the mix of paints, there could be slight variations in color and deco, each explained away by the fact that Kaala-Mok has chameleon-like abilities. The figure parts in 4A were red, and thus the color would appear red. The figure parts in 4B were black, and thus the figure tended to appear dark blue. The figure parts in 4C were white, and thus the figure appeared more turquoise. A sample of the three different figure styles can be seen below, kindly contributed by Joel and Don.

A full thread in the Boss Fighters Facebook Group contains a whole series of results from the customizers who all did some fantastic work.

Collector Response

Response to the customizing class was overwhelmingly positive with nearly 50 attendees with every class, and Boss Fight Studio has hinted that there could be more of these in the works.