King of Asperity (10th Anniversary)

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Assortment: Series 02 - 10th Anniversary
Species: Enchanted
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Before King Lance Steelblade ascended the throne of Accord, one man forged this unified land from over a dozen warring Principalities and Baronies. That man was Konrad of Accord: a warrior, leader and tactician equal in talent to Hector of Troy or Sun Tzu.

Konrad’s sole goal was peace and security for humanity. Konrad knew that humans would be made extinct in a world where marauding Orcs, foul goblins and mighty dragons were commonplace To this end he forged the Accord from the strength of his will. Alliances were entered into, treaties signed and, when all else had failed, battles were fought to ensure humanity was united. Konrad saw no other way for survival.

He was tricked into leading his men into the Blasted Lands by his advisor Gazoge. The mage had convinced Konrad that artefacts in that hellish landscape would keep Accord safe for generations to come. It was a double cross: Gazoge had offered the lives of the Knights of Accord to the disembodied wraiths of Asperity for their use.

The noble Konrad was possessed by the King of Asperity himself, who now commands an ever-growing army of chaos with the aim of claiming the bodies of every human and elf to allow the wraiths of Asperity achieve physical form anew.

Temporal Log:
Konrad’s soul and body belong entirely to the King of Asperity now. The memories of the man he once was and empathy for his people have long disappeared. His talent for direct command of warriors in heavy combat and strategic acumen remain intact for use by the dark lord. One of the finest heroes who ever lived is now replaced by his dark reflection, a being with no compassion, no mercy and an appetite for unlimited evil.


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