Knight of Accord (Female)

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 06
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
With Blasted Land Orcs becoming more warlike and increasing both the number and scale of their attacks on the southern borders of Accord, casualties among the Knights increased dramatically. Running out of suitable recruits, Lance Steelblade, over the objections of many senior Knights, opened the rolls of the order to females. There was an immediate influx of recruits who required training. Lance assigned King Leonidas to the task. Leonidas turned the traditional three year training regime of the Knights into an intensive, muscle and mind testing six month course based on Spartan principles. The first graduates have already started filtering out to the front lines in order to aid in pressing the orcs back.

Temporal Log:
With Leonidas applying techniques from the Spartan Agoge and working with Steelblade on new tactics and weapons for the Knights, the line has held, but for how long? The new Knights, although eager, are untested and the existing Knights are unused to long, bloody campaigns. In order to survive, experienced, battle hardened soldiers are required, but where are they going to come from?


The Knight of Accord (Female) comes with the following:

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