Knight of Asperity (10th Anniversary)

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Assortment: Series 02 - 10th Anniversary
Species: Enchanted
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Twenty years ago, the Knights of Accord travelled to 'The Blasted Lands' to stop an army of monsters that terrorized the regions which bordered it. The King of Accord and five hundred of his best warriors went to wipe out the beasts. Only two made it back to Castle Accord. One of the survivors had been struck mute by what he had witnessed, the other was raving mad. What transpired is unknown. What is for certain is that after the Knights of Accord disappeared, these Knights of Asperity began to roam. They kidnap villagers, bringing them back to 'The Blasted Lands' to some unknown end. The scale of the abductions and murders that the Knights of Asperity have committed is huge. They slaughter anyone they encounter, burn villages and wherever they pass, a mysterious blight follows, rendering the land infertile and the vegetation diseased.
Temporal Log:
It cannot be a coincidence that 'The Blasted Lands' are situated in what we've determined to have been Northern Greece. The border of the lands extends in an arc approximately two hundred miles around Mount Olympus. Something happened there a thousand years ago that caused much of the disruption that's now evident around Europe. But what? And why are so many inexplicably drawn to it, risking everything to reach the epicenter?


Knight of Asperity (10th Anniversary) comes with the following:

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