Knight of Asperity (Female)

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 07
Species: Enchanted
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
What are the Knights of Asperity and where do they come from? The current theory is that they are wraiths which have taken possession of human bodies in order to have physical form. Initially, the Knights of Asperity possessed the bodies of soldiers of Accord who had died in their disastrous expedition to the Blasted Lands. In the hope of expanding their army they have travelled north in search of more victims. These Knights seize anyone they encounter for use as new hosts. Ninety percent of these efforts fail as most are not strong enough to contain an Asperity essence. Success rates are higher with those who are already supremely fit and resistant to hardship. The Knights of Asperity now launch attacks on settlements anticipating a response from the Knights of Accord, knowing that the brave troops who engage them are exactly what they need to expand their own numbers.

Temporal Log:
The most recent incursion from the Knights of Asperity took place in the village of Rone. This district lay on the outskirts of the supposedly impassable Endless Marsh, and was therefore considered inaccessible on two sides. The Knights attacked from the direction of the swamp rather than the well-guarded town gates. Six Knights of Asperity broke through the defenses and wrecked havoc for a number of hours before a cavalry squadron of the Knights of Accord arrived to aid the survivors. Three Knights of Accord died in the defense and their corpses were among those taken by the Knights of Asperity when they eventually withdrew, to be resurrected at a time of Asperity's choosing.


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