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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 01
Species: Faerie
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Lacuna lived deep underground until two years ago. Her people's homeland, Ailewi, a network of caverns that extends for hundreds of square miles, was invaded by something beyond their comprehension. Forced up to the surface with hundreds of other Faerie refugees, Lacuna wears gnome crafted goggles to protect her eyes from the harsh light above ground. She searches for a new home for her kind, far away from both humanity and the dark forces that stalk the lands. As a 'lightcaster', Lacuna's weapons can, in her experienced hands, project intense beams of energy to guide her companions or as an offensive weapon.

Temporal Log:
On the three occasions we've encountered her, Lacuna has been evasive, blunt and unwelcoming. She's distrustful of humans, but she likes the monstrous leader who has invaded her homeland even less. The vast skeleton army that displaced the Cavern Faeries and which now toils below us is a mystery, one we need to solve if we're ever to fix the temporal anomalies that have fractured the timeline.


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