Malavar Quell

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 08
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
A reformed highwayman, Malavar found a career even more lucrative than holding up stagecoaches at arrow-point: espionage. His abilities as a renowned singer, jester and raconteur led to him being invited to perform at the parties and festivals of the wealthiest and most powerful. Now, he uses the unique access his reputation offers to steal secrets and sell them to the highest bidder. Years of successful exploits without discovery have led to him taking greater and greater risks in the pursuit of excitement and adventure. His latest job may be his last; he has discovered that various high ranking nobles throughout Accord are secretly in league with the dragon cult of Lord Vehemous. The traitors wish to remove King Steelblade from power and need the forces of the cult to achieve their aim. Now pursued by dragon cult assassins and fleeing from their clutches in disguise, Quell must make his escape and warn those loyal to Accord before it is too late

Temporal Log:
Quell’s reputation as a musician allowed him access to the dining halls of all manner of lords, ladies and kings. His compositions, daring for the time, were renowned and he was warmly welcomed by commoner and high-born alike in villages and towns. Due to his chosen profession, his movements across borders went unremarked. It was the perfect cover for a spy and the words that reached his ears from peasant and royalty alike could quickly be turned into profitable intelligence at his next port of call.


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