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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 01
Species: Gorgon
Allegiance: Gorgon Horde

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Unfairly cursed by the goddess Athena, the once beautiful Medusa was turned into a hideous half-snake monster. Previously able to control her cursed stare, Medusa now turns all living things that look into her eyes to stone. There is only room in her heart for hate and revenge - against the Gods she once served, and the sisters who she secretly despises for their eternal beauty. She wants all the living to eventually feel her icy stare.

Temporal Log:
It is said that, even after being decapitated by Perseus, Medusa's eyes still curse those who look upon them. It makes one wonder if simply separating her head from her body was enough to end her life? If not, what has become of her head and could she still be "alive" today?


Medusa comes with the following:

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