Mythic Pairing Celestial Warriors Accessories (Unproduced)

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Note: These accessories were a rejected product run for the Kickstarter Exclusive Celestial Perseus and Celestial Medusa, but was ultimately not produced in that format. Instead, Boss Fight Studio has sent pieces in many of their Customizer Grab Bag offerings, making it available to their customers, though not in the format that they were originally intended. Be aware that the Grab Bag does not include a full set, just various samples from it, and these items are not available in every grab bag. The unproduced weapons are generally lighter in color, less "smokey" and in many cases less decoed with sparkle.

In some cases there are even different accessories with the Celestial effect as seen below with the Athenian Helmet

The final, produced versions of these items can be seen here: Celestial Perseus and here: Celestial Medusa.

Other grab bag items include the Ghost Light Accessory Pack and Unpainted Gorgon Heads.