Orc Conqueror

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 01
Species: Orc
Allegiance: Neutral Evil

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Orcs do not negotiate, create, innovate, trade, repair or build, other than cobbling together crude, yet effective weaponry. They fight for, steal or pillage whatever they need. There are no such things as Orc blacksmiths, Orc farmers or Orc fishermen. Orcs fight, that is all they care for. They are conquerors without equal. Due to their ability to bear extremes of heat and cold, pockets of them can be found in even the most inhospitable of places. They crave gold, and will fight for payment, but even if you pay for their services, do not turn your back on them...ever. Physically, they are supremely strong and more than a match for a human knight or in terms of combat skill. Their only weaknesses are a natural fear of heights and an abject terror of dragons, who see Orcs as a satisfying meal.

Temporal Log:
We know where we are, our examination of the night sky tells us that much. We can even guess when we area, but what we cannot fathom is exactly why things are the way they are. Are the Orcs magically transformed humans? Or did Stheno's magic wear away at the barriers between universes and let these fantastical creatures into our world? And if that's the case, what else slipped through?


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