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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 05
Species: Human
Allegiance: Humanity

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Daughter of Ares, Penthesilea and her sisters Hippolyta, Antiope and Milanippe were four of Amazonia's famed 'Twelve Champions'. This group was made up of the finest warriors from their race. The twelve each commanded a squadron of thousands of female warriors.

Even among the twelve, Penthesilea was renowned, becoming Amazonia's queen. Commanding from a position of power and respect, the Amazon Warriors under her command would follow her to the very depths of Tartarus if she so ordered. She possessed the love of Achilles and was one of the few who could claim to be his equal in combat. Achilles betrayed their love and spurned Penthesilea for the Gorgon Eurayle. Penthesilea led an army against her former consort in an attempt to put a stop to his inhuman rage and turn the tide of the Gorgon war.

Temporal Log:
Penthesilea's story ends tragically at the hands of her beloved Achilles. She died on the very steps of Eurayle's temple, at the head of her army. Facing Achilles, Eurayle, and a swarm of her disciples, the odds were simply not in the mortals' favor that day. Though she fought valiantly Penthesilea fell to Achilles sword, betrayed again by her love and ensuring his road into madness.


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