Q'Al Varis

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 05
Species: Elf
Alignment: Neutral

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
In a culture where everyone is a warrior and longevity provides the opportunity for every Elf to become a master with their chosen weapon, it takes something special to be considered for a role in high command of a branch of the Elven army. Those believed to have what it takes for generalship become rangers. Alone, they travel the world fighting alongside or against the other races in an effort to study their tactics and prove their mettle. Rangers will join groups who are undertaking perilous quests in order to obtain knowledge or precious artifacts that could prove their worth as an Elven warrior. Once the ranger feels they're ready, usually after a decade or more, they will return to the forest and undertake the trials required to earn a leadership role.

Temporal Log:
So far, we have met one Elven Ranger, Q'Al Varis, the son of Queen Solan. After hearing tales of Lance Steelblade, Q'Al Varis journeyed to Castle Accord to learn from him. Unusually for an Elf, he prefers the sword over the bow and his weapon, called "Andakaba" (foes-bane) was made specifically for him by the master smiths of Leaf, the Elven capital. The blade is made of the finest steel, is perfectly balanced and has been magically enhanced to retain a keen edge without ever having to be sharpened. Already skilled, after months of lessons from the Knights of Accord, Q'Al Varis is now the world's most exceptional sword fighter.


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