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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 05
Species: Faerie
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
The original Fear Dorcha was a servant of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. For some transgression, he was blinded and exiled to the land of the Celts. Samhain quickly took charge of the Celtic tribes, installing himself as leader and taught others to mimic his supernatural abilities. The Celts, long sed to mysticism through their druidic traditions, embraced this new resource. Shadow magic was mastered by the Celts at the behest of their new leader and they are now adept at using it to keep their enemies at bay. Through manipulation of shadows, they can cast waking nightmares that confound, confuse and terrify their enemies. Shadow wraiths can be summoned to slaughter their opposition. Samhain himself can even enter the dreams of others, learning their darkest secrets and scaring them to death while their slumber.

Temporal Log:
The Celts dwell on two mist-enshrouded, rain sodden islands far to the west. No one visits them, no merchant is brave enough to trade there and, by all accounts, no emissary from the Celts has visited the continent in generations. Mercenaries have tried their luck in raiding Celtic lands. The Celts always leave one alive to return home and explain what transpired. The resulting tales are among the most blood curdling you will ever hear, especially because you know they're true, no matter how outrageous they sound.


Samhain comes with the following:

Note: The Fear Dorche Flail includes the Fear Dorche Celtic Rune (2) which is slightly smaller than Fear Dorche Celtic Rune (1).

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