Talos (the Eternal Warrior)

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Assortment: Series 01 - Kickstarter Exclusive
Species: Enchanted
Allegiance: Humanity

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Commonly thought to be a giant man of bronze, Talos is actually the name of a small group of four identical, enchanted, bronze statues and the eternal protectors of the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. Gifts from Zeus, they roamed the shorelines of Crete, protecting Queen Europa from marauders, pirates, and even threats from below the waves.

Temporal Log:
Over the centuries, the enchanted statues have been lost to the sea and were never recovered. They would be an important historical find if uncovered. Last reported entering the sea to protect their queen from Poseidon's children, they were never seen again.


Talos (The Eternal Warrior) comes with the following:

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