Tartarus Guard

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Assortment: Series 01 - BossFightShop.com Exclusive
Species: Enchanted
Allegiance: Hades

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
It's a common misconception that Tartarus is simply a place. Tartarus is, in fact, both the lowest level of the underworld, and one of the oldest primordial dieties, along with Chaos, Gaia, and Eros. As far below Hades as Earth is below the Heavens, Tartarus is where only the truly wicked receive eternal punishment. Only the greatest warriors are honored and bequeathed with the strength and reflexes of the Gods in order to carry out their duties as guardians. They were eternal sentinels, tasked with guarding the gates of Tartarus, not to keep intruders out, but to keep the prisoners in.

Temporal Log:
The Tartarus Guards were incredibly powerful and vigilant, never wavering from their goals or responsibilities. It would be disastrous if they faltered at their mission, for it would release forces upon the Earth that modern man is ill prepared to deal with.


The Tartarus Guard comes with the following:

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