Archer of Molpadia

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Assortment: Vitruvian BASICS - Wave 01
Species: Human
Allegiance: Humanity

Action Figure

Note: The Vitruvian BASICS series from Boss Fight Studio is a lower price point series of figures in a traditional blister card instead of the larger slipcase style card. These figures come with fewer detailed paint applications and accessories for a more custom and army builder friendly price.

Character Bio

ARCHER OF MOLPADIA were placed under the tutelage of 'Death Song' by the Amazonian commander Penthesilea when it was clear the war against the Gorgon Horde was coming. Molpadia drilled her charges relentlessly, turning them into the finest archers in the world. Now, when the Amazons charge into battle, an unmatched flurry of arrows supports them.


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