Atelis Warrior (Altered Amazon)

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Assortment: Series 01 - Retail Exclusive (Kokomo Toys)
Species: Gorgon
Allegiance: Gorgon Horde

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
With thousands of their warriors falling to Stheno's curse, Penthesilea and the Elite Amazon corps undertook a perilous mission. Raiding the Gorgon camp, they stole Stheno's staff and used it to reverse the conversion spell on their former comrades. Most of the cursed died in the process; the handful who survived became deformed hybrid creatures. Despised by both human and Gorgon alike, these warriors retained their loyalty to the Gorgon Sisters and acted as infiltrators and spies, hoping they would be accepted by the horde once again. Their ability to pass as human allowed them to gain access to places regular Gorgons could not.

Temporal Log:
Atelis Warriors were adaptable, strong and surprisingly intelligent. Some who survived went their separate ways, living in their own remote areas. It is possible that the stereotypical image of witches with distorted features and special powers has its basis in the tales of the Atelis Warriors.


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