Boss Fight Subscription Box 10 - It's Getting Hot in Here (July, 2022)

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In late 2021, Boss Fight Studio announced that beginning in January, 2022 they would be offering quarterly Subscription Boxes for sale [via their website]. These subscription boxes could be either purchased individually or as a full annual "subscription" and each box would contain a specific themed set of accessories, figures and other swag. The themes are as follows:

  1. December - Holiday Edition
  2. January - Ice, Ice Baby
  3. April - Singing in the Rain
  4. July - It’s Getting Hot in Here
  5. September - Bad to the Bone

The Subscription Box

Included Items

Note: The three heads included here are first revealed in this set and will be used in upcoming, as of yet unannounced product. The Mage Flame and Potion Bottle pieces with this set were formerly included in another subscription box - February 2021.

Exclusive Items

Possible Variations

Note: None listed yet, but variations are reported from time to time