Faerie Warrior

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Assortment: Series 02 - Wave 06
Species: Faerie
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Another of the species of Faeries that have crossed over to this realm, the difference with this group is that they did not come to seek a new home, they arrived en masse when contacted by Lacuna of the Cavern Faeries. Hundreds of warriors were included as an expeditionary force in response to her request for aid. The warriors can change their size and mass at will, shrinking their bodies and equipment down to insect size when they need to infiltrate an enemy stronghold and return to full size when they need to take on their opponents face to face. Their shields are the carapaces of species of insect native to their dimension. The skin of the Steel Beetle can even deflect magical attacks, making these shields prized by humans and Elves alike.

Temporal Log:
Lacuna claims that the Faerie warriors are here to help her people reclaim their home, but to date they appear to be more interested in obtaining supplies and gold than attacking the skeleton warriors who drove the Cavern Faeries from their homes. Did the Warrior Faeries use Lacuna's call to arms as a convenient pretext for a sortie they had planned to make anyway? Even Lacuna herself is unsure when asked.


Faerie Warrior comes with the following:

NOTE: A document was included in the package for the Faerie Warrior indicating that extra care and the application of heat be applied when inserting and/or posing the figure's wings. The included document can be viewed below:


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