Lamia & Eisheth

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Assortment: Series 02 - Exclusive (Online Custom Class)
Species: Demon
Alignment: Chaotic Evil


In fall, 2020, Boss Fight Studio announced they would be holding a third special limited "Online Custom Class" using Zoom, with sessions occurring every Tuesday for four weeks. Each participant received a series of parts to be used for the custom. Unlike with the first custom class featuring Kaala-Mok these parts were not blind bagged and everyone received the same exact pieces.

Hosted mainly by Erich Ridlon and Erik Arana from Boss Fight Studio (with invaluable support by Meredith), the Zoom class walked the customizer through different painting techniques and color applications, eventually completing with a final product.

The end results were Lamia & Eisheth, established characters in the Vitruvian HACKS mythology, however the customizer was free to tweak the design as much or as little as they wanted along the way.


Box Contents

Note: Unlike with the first custom class featuring Kaala-Mok these shipments were not blind-bagged and each customer received the same parts, similar to how it was approached with Count Neri of Oditerra

Lamia & Eisheth's builds were made up parts from the following:

Finished Product

Again, unlike the first custom class featuring Kaala-Mok the third class included the same parts for everyone, though the customizers were encouraged to add their own flare. Creativity and uniqueness were strongly supported.

Below is a few examples of the finished product. Many of them can be viewed at the Facebook post linked below.

A full thread in the Boss Fighters Facebook Group contains a whole series of results from the customizers who all did some fantastic work.

Collector Response

Response to the customizing class was overwhelmingly positive with nearly 50 attendees with every class, and at this point Boss Fight Studio has announced a fourth class to occur in February, 2021.