Myrmex Warrior

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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 07
Species: Human
Allegiance: Humanity

Note: While this figure is technically part of Wave 7, certain products shipped out of order, and he was actually released prior to several Wave 06 figures.

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Zeus created the original Myrmidons from the ants that populated the island of Aegina. The Myrmex Warriors are the direct descendants of these original Myrmidons and act as Achilles' personal guard. They are stronger and faster than the average human. Thanks to their tutelage by both Achilles and Partoclus, Myrmex usually fight as a dyas, with a pair of them watching each other's back in a fight. Myrmex specialize in engaging chariot troops, with one using his javelin to kill the driver while the other closes in to finish the passengers with the sword. Due to their excellent strategic minds, the Myrmex take command of the Myrmidon ranks in battle. Their armor is enchanted to protect them from almost any injury or attack.

Temporal Log:
The very idea that the original Myrmidons were created by Zeus from the ants of Aegina is a bit hard to swallow. Then you see the feats of strength and power that these descendents can perform and you start to wonder if it has any merit. The Myrmex took Achilles' betrayal and the destruction of their homeland hard. Although many stayed to fight with the Greek Coalition, some went into exile. Is it possible that special individuals across Europe through the ages such as Beowolf, El Cid, King Arthur and Cu Chulainn owe their ancestry to these exiles?


The Myrmex Warrior comes with the following:

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