Stone Fist, Gorgon Hunter

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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 04
Species: Human
Allegiance: Humanity

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Stonefist's half-cursed state is an anomaly. While in the midst of being turned to stone, he blinded himself in hopes that it would put a halt to the curse. It worked, sort of. One of his arms turned to enchanted unbreakable stone and his senses were all increased to God-like levels. He could use his hearing to echo-locate movement, heartbeats, and obstacles. He could feel vibrations on the ground and smell his prey. Though blind, he could essentially "see" better than any human. Because he could no longer see the Gorgons, he was immune to their cursed stare. Stonefist's only mission was to slay the Gorgons, especially the three sisters. He hoped to lift the curse and free all of their stone victims.

Temporal Log:
Stonefist's real name and past have been lost to his cursed state and obsessive mission. Whatever happened to him after the Gorgon War is un-recorded but it's safe to say he continued to hunt the Gorgon whose gaze cursed him - Medusa, even if he must track down her severed head. Whatever happened to Medusa's head, it's a safe bet that Stonefist wouldn't have been far behind.


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