Warrior Skeleton

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Assortment: Series 01 - Wave 07
Species: Enchanted
Allegiance: Humanity

Note: While this figure is technically part of Wave 7, certain products shipped out of order, and he was actually released prior to several Wave 06 figures.

Action Figure

Character Bio

Historical Documentation:
Rising from the remains of warriors whose lives ended upon the battlefield...the Army of the Dead consists of deceased warriors from Spartan, Athenian, Amazonian, and Myrmidon armies. They could be raised by any of the twelve Olympian Gods in order to carry out their desires. The army was summoned to protect temples or the gates to Olympus or Hades when the main forces were otherwise engaged. Warriors' souls were bound to their own ghastly remains and set to complete a specific task, after which they would collapse back into the earth and their souls back to the Underworld. Formidable in battle due to their mystical nature, their original military knowledge is intact.

Temporal Log:
Where the Olympian Gods vanished to, their true origins and the source of their powers is a mystery. It is said that any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. Were the Greek pantheon merely supremely advanced entities? If they're still around and in hiding...their power is awe inspiring. The fact that they can raise a formidable army of the undead to carry out and protect their interests is terrifying.


The Warrior Skeleton comes with the following:

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