Boss Fight Subscription Box 01 - Try Something New (January, 2021)

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In late 2020, Boss Fight Studio announced that beginning in January, 2021 they would be offering monthly Subscription Boxes for sale [via their website]. These subscription boxes could be either purchased individually, as a three month set, or as a full six month "subscription" and each box would contain a specific themed set of accessories, figures and other swag. The themes are as follows:

  1. January - Try Something New
  2. February - Fantasy February
  3. March - It’s Always Sunny at Boss Fight Studio
  4. April - April Fools!
  5. May - Giddy Up!
  6. June - The Art of Boss Fight

The Subscription Box

Included Items

Exclusive Items

Note: If you purchased the full six month subscription, you received two of the Viking Skeleton Head.

Customizing Fodder

Note: These were the items included in my Subscription Box specifically. There are some variations which have been denoted below.

Possible Variations

According to the included items menu, there could be possible variations of the items shown or mentioned above.

  1. Some boxes contained the Athenian Armor while others may have had armor from the Myrmidon Warrior or Stonefist
  2. No specific colors for the Blanks were mentioned, so it's unknown whether every box contained the same color blanks and skeleton
  3. To go along with the shield stickers, Boss Fight included "adding a few extra shields" but the specific shield types were not mentioned. There may be variation to what you see above.
  4. Some boxes contained a shield from Achilles while others may have included the shield from Ultimate Spartan
  5. Some boxes contained a spear from the Myrmidon Warrior while others included the spear from Talos